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What is an energy-efficient property?

Energy efficient homes refer to properties that have incorporated energy efficient improvements and have a good, or above, Energy Efficiency Rating. There is a whole range of energy saving technologies available to all home-owners and these can be applied to both conventional homes as well as new-build properties. Many home-owners of conventional properties are retro-fitting their homes to make them more energy efficient – everything from triple glazing, loft insulation and smart meters, to low carbon heating systems, such as solar panels and ground source heat pumps. Most new homes are built in an energy efficient way to start with and both property types are in high demand from buyers in Kent

Why buy an eco-friendly property?

Low energy cost

Low energy cost

More energy efficient to run which means lower heating and electricity bills.

Benefits of a new-build

Benefits of a new-build

All the benefits of a new-build such as new homes warranty, ease of purchase and high specification features.

Doing your bit

Doing your bit

Buying an eco-friendly home means doing your bit for the environment by lowering your energy consumption.



Built using natural, sustainably sourced materials, eco friendly homes are designed to encourage a more sustainable lifestyle.

Our unique energy efficient property search

With an increasing demand for eco homes and energy efficient properties, we’ve made it easy for buyers to search and find energy efficient properties via our unique search filter. With the Foundation property search, simply select ‘energy efficient’ and we will present properties for sale and to let that match your search.  These include traditional homes as well as a range of new-build developments.

Energy Saving properties matter to us at Foundation

Our sales team at Foundation are experienced and knowledgeable about energy efficient and eco-friendly properties across Kent. We advise and guide our buyers to find the property that is right for you. We highlight and showcase homes that have been modified to improve efficiency via our unique search criteria that displays both traditional and new homes that are energy efficient. Further down this page you can browse through a range of energy efficient, new-build or resale homes for sale in Kent with Foundation.

What are eco homes and their benefits?

Eco homes, or eco-friendly homes, are environmentally low impact properties that use modern technology and materials to help reduce carbon footprints and lower the energy needs of the property.

The key goal of eco homes is to decrease overall CO2 emissions. When building new eco-friendly homes across Kent, property developers use a number of technologies and  energy efficient features which may include natural building materials, solar panels, air-source and ground source heat pumps, wind-turbines, MVHR heat recovery systems, triple glazing and much more. Read on for more useful insights.

What features make an eco-friendly or energy efficient home?

If you are recycling, re-using and lowering energy consumption you are essentially living in an eco-friendly way and your home could be called eco-friendly. The term eco-home has become synonymous with specifically designed and constructed new-build or resale properties that use technologies and materials that reduce its carbon footprint. Such features are plentiful and can include the following:

  • Above average levels of thermal insulation
  • Above average air tightness
  • Solar panels
  • Air source heat pumps
  • Ground source heat pumps
  • MVHR with heat recovery systems
  • Biomass boiler and heating systems
  • Heating from renewable heat sources.
  • Wind turbines
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Grey water collection
  • Triple glazing

Living in a traditional home but would like to become more eco-efficient?

As part of the government’s drive to lower CO2 emissions, there are grants available for existing home-owners via several providers to make your current home more energy efficient. This can include grants to replace your current gas boiler with heating from renewable energy sources such as an air-source heating system.

Want to find out more about eco-friendly homes for sale in Kent?

We have several new-build, eco-friendly properties for sale, and more coming soon! Well connected with local, regional and national property developers, the new-homes team at Foundation are often first to hear about upcoming developments and eco-friendly properties in Kent. Register with us today.

What is a passive home?

Passive homes refer to a low energy construction standard. Passive homes and buildings offer superior indoor comfort due to consistent temperatures and good air quality due to very low air leakage rates. They also have the added benefit of reducing both external and internal noise due to the high levels of insulation.

Eco-designed and incorporating triple glazing throughout, passive homes have 40-50% more insulation compared to a traditional new-build home. There is mechanical ventilation in place to provide better indoor air quality and stabilise the CO2 emissions.

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